Article Advisor: Making Up With An Ex


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Making Up With An Ex 3 Steps You Should Take First! 

Relationship Repair News Channel Icon - SubscribeMaking up with an ex can be a wondering and exciting time for an individual. This is true, whether it has been a long and painful time of separation or just happened and unexpected.  When thinking the thoughts of getting back together with your ex, at times you could have a little voice in the back of your mind that is chiming in from time to time, causing you to have second thoughts on if you are doing the right thing.

It is important to keep in mind that for a while, you may not be your normal self. Usually, this is because you are emotionally drained and are in a slightly depressed state of mind. You may be confused, conflicted and torn on the inside on what to. You may be feeling like you should call your ex or just stop by. Hold on, don't do it yet!

May we strongly suggest that you not react, while emotions are running high. That is not the best time to make any kind of impulsive, rash, and panic-stricken decisions.

Fortunately, most relationships can be repaired and emotional healing can begin to take place and restore the relationship to its former glory and beyond. However, that does not mean that this can occur without work from the both of you. Making up with an ex will take commitment of time and energy.

Before you even mentally start to travel that road of making up with an ex here are 3 powerful tips that can help you evaluate your circumstances with a clear head. Hopefully, these will help you in making a quality evaluation of your decision. 

1.>  Take a breather. Cry a little and accept the fact that you have broken up. Don't be mean. Don't say and do things that you will only regret later.  Sure, you are hurt and in great pain, but it is critically important that you show restraint, character and quality judgment as you both move through a difficult time.

2.>  Stop, look and listen!  Evaluate slowly and methodically consider, quite heavily, what was the reason for the break up in the very first place. You have to be able to clearly define this reason or reasons that caused the breakup of your relationship. Most of the time, it is a misunderstanding that escalated and got out of hand.  

3.>  Read some relationship books, listen to self help cd's to educate yourself regarding the dynamics of relationship building that are necessary ingredients to building a long-term quality relationship. It will help to begin to formulate a bright, insightful and flexibly forgiving new attitude. 

When contacting your ex, let them know that you would like to meet with them and just have a conversation regarding your relationship. Look to do something simple, such as going out for coffee or a walk in the park. 

Play, laugh and have easy-going conversation that allows for you to express yourself, letting them know how you feel and encourage them to share their thoughts, heart and mind with you. Making up with an ex can change your whole world. Just make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons.

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