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7 Smart Action Steps to Take Starting Now

If you are in that unfortunate situation of trying to figure out how to win back an ex I totally understand your struggle. To help your cause, I have compiled a basic list of actions that you can start working on to get to your goal. It is not always easy and can be a bit unsettling working out all the logistics of exactly how to win back an ex but stick to the plan. Go slow, my friend. Go very, very slow!

Break Time: this is required! You both need some chill out time, so you should reflect and meditate on your broken relationship from the stand point of what went wrong. Do not overanalyze. Forget listening to love songs. Put that on the shelf for now, you need a clear mind.

Journaling: In a note book write out some of your thoughts and feeling with dates and time for the purposes of review and measuring your progress.

Look Sharp. Whether you are figuring out how to win back an ex or not; looking good and better than ever is some high-powered ammo to display. It helps you to feel great mentally as you are going through breakup and other people will take notice.

Reach Out: See if you can reach out and contact your ex to get together in a neutral place for just some coffee or a light meal. No big deal, you were friends before; why not keep the friendship intact, if at all possible depending of the circumstances. The difference now is that you guys are going to learn how to talk and laugh all over again.

Special Note - The Hard and Fast "DO NOT" Rules of How to Win Back An Ex: Do not go home with each other! Do not push anything! Do not have sex! Learn to reach and obtain a deep understanding and a profound sincere interest in each others desires and concerns.

Take It Slow: Be sincere about your interest in contacting your ex. Be respectful and understanding of their time and what they may have planned for themselves. Make no assumptions! Always ask respectfully and never uninvitingly creep into their personal space.

Breakup Talk: When you feel as thought things have gone pretty darn good and you sense that you ex is open to it talk about the breakup. Meet somewhere neutral to where you can just talk and share. Let them know how you feel and why they move you the way that they do! Let them know how important they are to you and that you are fully committed to working this out, because you truly want to be at their side.

Work Together: Both of you should to commit to relationship building study education and enhancement of communication skills. Relationship saver e-books can help you with this and can walk you through the lessons in a step by step format so you can maximize your learning.

Obviously this is a very limited explanation of how to win back an ex but I think it gives you some major clues to how it should unfold.

I am cheering for you as you strive to make it happen!

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How to Win Back An Ex