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5 Hardcore Truths to Live By!

When determining how to fix a broken relationship we have to basically start at ground-zero of the breakup disaster. Truthfully, we have to realize that the problem is in each of us as individuals. What I mean, is that we all hold the key to unleashing so much energy of good and regrettably, equally release so much energy that is very bad!

** The reality of the matter is that since we want to know to how to fix a broken relationship then we have understand that we are going to fix ourselves first and foremost and not focus on the other person's shortcomings. The other person should be busy focusing on themselves and not you! Nice, huh?

** You must come to grips with the fact that we must always learn how to become flexible, tolerant and forgiving with all people, but especially with our partner. Unfortunately, when a relationship goes bad or leading up to the blow out we actually treat our partner like some serious big mounds of stinking poop!

** Start to fix your broken relationship with the commitment of always and forever showing mutual admiration and respect for one another. It stops right now... No more will you belittle, curse at, yell at, flip the middle finger at your partner. Those days are gone! Say good-bye to them right now! They are the love of your life act like it please.

** Next, burn this into your brain! "Pobody's Nerfect!" (that is not a typo!) Remember that we are all fallible and incredibly imperfect human beings! So, let us cut each other some serious slack! I mean ease up it people! Why not just laugh it away? Why not just choose just say the words, "its okay!" If you are going to learn how to fix a broken relationship that you must live by the rule of forgiveness and acceptance. We all make mistakes and get stuff wrong! End of Story!

Special Note: The Rule of Forgiveness & Acceptance DOES NOT give a person the excuse to be a bum, lazy, negative, forgetful and pig-headed; thinking that your partner has to put up with it! Forget it!! It does not give anyone a license of exemption for not always striving towards new personal growth/self-improvement.

** Hard Truthful Fact: All of our brains do well with the infusing of new information! So, what you are going to do as a couple for the sake of the team is learn about relationships and communication. You are going to study like two students in top priority class! So get your pen, highlighter and a notebook.

If you want to win; If you want to succeed as a couple, then you both must agree that this is it! So now you know some of the most basic action steps on how to fix a broken relationship! This is the road that you will travel together!

I am with you in heart, mind and spirit! I am cheering for you with all that I have inside of me. Now lock hands and go out and make this relationship work!

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How to Fix a Broken Relationship