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Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

7 Odd Behaviors Exhibited!


There probably about 50 different signs of cheating in a relationship that one could look at and say, "Wow, I knew it!" But, we have to be careful with jumping to any final conclusions too quickly from a couple of behavioral changes in our partner.

With that being said, I am going to provide a list of several of the key behaviors that may be giving you red hot indications that something is going on. However, I am requesting that you be careful and reasonable as you interpret these because they DO NOT represent a slam dunk case of cheating!

The slam dunk signs of cheating in a relationship you already know, such as: lipstick on the collar, perfume scent on him, cologne scent on her, condoms in her purse and you never have use them, unusual gifts and trinkets in your partners personal possession. Any of those... Ouch!

These are more in the area of distinct behaviors which are really kind of cool, because most of them generally are displayed the by cheater unknowingly.

Here are 7 Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

1.> At the beginning of the affair the cheating spouse could actually be more attentive to you. However, watch for the flip-flop phenomena, because soon enough you will be push away and notice that it is pretty darn cold inside your warm house.

2.> Activities, chores and tasks that were once taken care of like clockwork are slowly let go and less attention is placed on even major things that should be done around your home are let go if the cheater was the one who normally handled those duties.


3.> You notice a major decrease in your sexual activities. However, watch for the flip-flop phenomena! This is where sexual interest may temporarily increase with you, because they want to use you as a practice device and experiment with some new techniques that have been learning from their lover. But soon enough you will be tossed to the side.

4.> Mad scramble to get to that damned cell phone that is ringing and they make it a point to conceal the name and number when answering the call. Going further, they may only answer some calls outside or in another room talking with a lower voice tone than normal.

5.> Watch for the rapid closing of computer browsing screen when you come into the room and super fast closing of email, along with new passcodes and logins IDs

6.> Supposedly hanging with friends, but actually using them as a shield or cover for their affair; but through some sort of slip-up you discover that some deception has been created for the purpose of doing some other undisclosed mysterious activity and their actual where about are unknown.

7.> Shower when they come home; especially when they never used to do such a thing and no touchy, feely for you that night, unless you beg and grovel in the dirt like a fish out of water!

Have you seen these signs of cheating in a relationship? If you have and want to save the relationship, it may be possible. This process is generally slow and must be handled gently, yet with confidence and firmness. Finding the signs of cheating in a relationship is tough to handle; so may you find peace and know that in heart and spirit, I will be sending you those strong vibrations of encouragement.

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