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Men, Are You Guilty of Any of These?  I Was!

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   Stop speaking the verbally insulting words, statements and condemnations.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop with the vitriol and demeaning vulgarities that you thrust into her soul.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop with the foul-mouth incendiary barbs that you speak into her heart.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop with the tit for tat back and forth bitter remarks to your precious lady.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop with the devastating, degrading and emotionally gut wrenching words.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop with the fist pounding and battle tactics of bullying and intimidation.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop with the yelling and finger pointing all up in her face as a show might.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop with the abusive-condescending tone of speech that causes her to cry.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop being grumpy, moody and mean towards your innocent lovely lady.
  Image result for check mark graphic    Stop being hyper-sensitive to irritability and trigger-happy bouts of anger.

My Personal Confession to You: "I was guilty of them all and more!"

Yes, described above was me years ago. After years of living like this, and being the kind of man who was a slave to my corrupted thinking patterns, I was able to make huge changes and stop being a brutal beast of terror, anger, and rage. It took the input of new information and the right kind of information to help me become a man who is patient, kind, and loving under ALL Circumstances of Life. The information is now available to you!

An insightful newsletter for men who want to fix themselves and save their relationship!

The New Man Mind Trainer Newsletter Gives You the Knowledge and the Courage to Become a Transformed Man


 For men who want to stop demeaning speech and actions towards their lady.


 For men who want to stop degrading yelling and cursing at their loving lady.

 For men who are no longer want to make excuses for their negative behaviors.

 For men who want to stop using damaging words & actions towards their lady.

 For men who want truthful answers to why they are, the way that they are.


 For men who to self-improve and be a better man for their precious lady.

 For men who are ready for hard-hitting truths and don't whine about it.

 For men who want to treat their lady like a princess & praise her every day.

 For men searching for real solutions to save their cherished relationship.

 For men who are willing to take a deep, hard look at themselves and change.

 For men who are ready and willing to accept responsibility for their actions.

 For men who want change, grow and become a New Improved Man.

 In the New Man Mind Trainer Newsletter You Will Discover How To:

  • Eliminate repeating harmful negative thoughts
  • Learn the proper way to apologize
  • Treat your special lady like a princess every day
  • Re-wire your brain for a beautiful love
  • Stop cursing and/or yelling at your lovely lady
  • Gradually increase your levels of patience
  • Be more aware of your thoughts & actions
  • Heal the wounds of her broken heart
  • Acquire new and enriching positive thoughts
  • Think good thoughts & speak good thoughts
  • Show and express the very best of my love
  • Improve the quality of your relationship
  • Choose how you want to be as a "real man"
  • No longer be a slave to your negative thoughts
  • Speak endearing, kind and gentle words to her
  • Lift her soul to the heavens and comfort her
  • Use proven science of your how your brain works
  • Make better quality decisions in all aspects of life

And, you can expect a whole lot more coming your way in our New Man Mind Trainer Newsletter every month that will help you to have tremendous relationship success!

I have learned that as the man, I need to be the leader in terms of elevating the quality of the relationship. In fact, as men, it is one of our top responsibilities to lead the relationship in a positive and healthy way that fosters deep devotion and commitment that lifts the man and his special lady, and causes the love to flourish abundantly for the many tomorrows ahead to come.

This kind of personal growth and development is a life-long journey with no final destination, until you cease to live. However in order to achieve success in this area of life, you must be honest with yourself and look into the mirror and ask yourself some very hard questions. As you continue with our newsletter and perhaps even one day start to acquire our monthly New Man Mind Audio Trainers, your life will become more enlightened, enriched and happier; not only will you be a better man in your relationship with your special lady, but you will be a better man for society and the world in which we live.

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*** May You Have the Strength to Learn What is Right, and then, Have the Courage to Do What is Right.


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